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We Create Marketing solutions for the tech industry

DevMode Strategies is a marketing agency...with a twist. We have the same  expertise as most marketers, but our focus is on creating strategies that reach, educate, and engage with the vital workforce of app developers, product managers, software engineers, and other technology professionals. 

With our roots in tech marketing and our unique experience in community building, we have the skills and perspective to reach and engage with the software creators and technology innovators of today. Let us be an extension of your marketing team and help you establish an effective engagement strategy to create marketplace differentiation and generate measurable results. 


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DevMode Team

Laura Bolos

President, Founder
Santa Monica, CA

Chelsea Larson-Andrews

Tech Marketing Strategist
San Diego, CA

Beverley Eve

Tech Marketing Strategist
London, UK

Our Story

Our experience enables us to engage with the evolving industry of software development.

The inspiration for DevMode is grounded in our experience at the Developers Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy organization for software developers. As founding members of the Alliance team, we spent years gathering feedback from software developers and working with companies of every size.

We quickly learned that developers are unlike traditional audiences and marketing to them required a non-traditional approach. Too often, we would see companies invest time, money, and resources on ineffective or uninformed developer engagement strategies. We knew reaching developers is as complex as it is essential, but successful engagement had to start with an understanding of them. This was our opportunity to help - DevMode was the right tool for the job.

Today, we continue to build on the lessons we learned at the Developers Alliance by viewing the industry in a radical way: from a developer’s perspective.

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