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DATA CATALYST: An Organization Dedicated to Understanding the Data-Driven World 

Data Catalyst is a non-profit organization working to inform and shape data privacy policies that provide both meaningful protection and promote economic and social good. Working with governments, academics, and industry partners, Data Catalyst provides policymakers with empirical analysis, topical research, and most importantly, access to the small businesses directly affected by their policies.

When Data Catalyst approached DevMode to help out, we were not only eager about the opportunity to craft their brand identity, but also excited to support the organization's mission and purpose. As an agency that works primarily within the technology sector, we have clients, partners, and close contacts that handle and transfer data as part of their business. And Data Catalyst allows them to access the educational resources about data, and the ability to contribute their input on relevant policy issues for regulators and policymakers to consider when making decisions. Data Catalyst needed a brand to be applicable to audiences across industry verticals, articulated their core purpose and value, and instilled credibility as the source for data-related discussions. 

Through continuous collaboration with the Data Catalyst founder, DevMode created the branding assets and online presence for optimal relevancy and positioning. 


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