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How do you extend your presence at a major conference? 

What problem are we solving?

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By utilizing a combination of on-site and remote social media influencers to create and share digital content before, during and after the conference. 


Ericsson — a global company delivering ICT solutions — wanted to optimize their conference participation and staff resources during Mobile World Congress Americas 2017. We mapped out a strategy to maximize their digital reach and brand awareness. 

 trategy to generate awareness amongst conferences attendees and social media followers.



Experience Ericsson's conference participation, staff resources and on-site assets 

Even though conferences and exhibition booths continue to be the most effective way for a company to showcase new products, connect with partners, and engage customers, the relentless demands associated with on-site logistics may not leave much time to plan and produce a potent digital strategy to be executed in real-time. 

At Mobile World Congress Americas 2017, we worked with Ericsson — a global company delivering ICT solutions — to take advantage of their conference participation by being at the forefront of the digital transformation. 


expanding their digital reach through shareable content and social media influencers.  


creating a social media strategy to capture content in real-time and posting at a higher frequency. 



When we were creating a strategy for Ericsson, we looked into the types of content they were already producing, 


 conversations digital transformation 

When we were designing a new website for August Jackson, we looked deeply into the kind of brand experiences they designed for their clients. We knew we needed a site that felt like an event. With a creative and innovative use of cinemagraphs, we evoked a bold, eye-catching, but subtle reflection of the August Jackson experience.

the DevMode team proposes the activation of on-site social media influencers to extend, amplify, and organically support the marketing and promotional efforts of Ericsson corporate.

This is how DevMode can help. Ericsson — a global company delivering ICT solutions — wanted to make the most out of their time and resources during Mobile World Congress Americas 2017. They sought new

opportunities to optimize their participation and on-site resources during . 

create an generate a conversation around the digital transformation

  • Create sharable, audience-specific content
  • Extend and expand specific event messaging
  • Reach and influence tier one audience / targets
  • Brand introduction and exposure to new audiences


Working closely with the Ericsson team, we created a strategy to support

1. Research

Source the Right Influencers

(research, connections, managing the process)

We conducted the necessary research and outreach to industry influencers that would support and maximize Ericsson's activities and resources during Mobile World Congress Americas. 

2. Plan

Create an Action Plan 

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(planning docs, project management, guidelines)

We developed a strategic plan of activities to best utilize the influencers. we created a timeline of activities,  

3. Monitor

Monitor in Real-time


(agile process, adjust when necessary)

4. Track

Track Performance 

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(knowing which metrics to track and why )

Lessons learned 

The DevMode team enabled me to have the extra time to get my pilot’s license!
— Behdad

The Results

(the outcome. metrics demonstrating improvement)

Quote: our process, adaptability, creative


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