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Hosted more than 130 industry events, DevMode combines years of experience as a full-service event planner, organizer, and marketer. Our all-inclusive event services include brand and messaging development, digital marketing and promotion strategy, on-site logistics management, event webpage development, and more.

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From sourcing the right venue, negotiating vendor pricing, and targeting tech audiences, DevMode is the one-stop shop to manage your next event. 


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Types of Events


We've produced events in various locations, ranging in size, and across all categories. Reach out to us today and let's make your next event epic!
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Large Parties & Networking Receptions

Networking Receptions
Launch Parties

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Educational Workshops & Conferences

Seminars and Conferences
Topical Workshops
Local Meet-ups

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Hackathons & Exclusive Roundtables

Private Roundtables

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Corporate Meetings & Company Retreats

Team-building Retreats
MeetingsBoard & Partner
Client Dinners

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