Our Los Angeles community mingling at an event.

Our Los Angeles community mingling at an event.

Mobile Growth Meetup 

Our community of developers, app startups, and influencers is sizable, diverse, and highly engaged. We consistently see above industry average on email opens, click throughs, and conversion for campaigns ranging from event promotion to content marketing support.   

A promotional campaign we did in partnership with one of our clients is a great example of our community's engagement. In addition to helping with venue and programming, we also drove nearly 40% of attendee sign-ups.


51% Email Opens

23% CTR

39% Sign-ups

Venue Support

Speaker Support


Having produced nearly 100 events ourselves, we know there are three main ingredients to event success: 1) good speakers, 2) convenient venue, and 3) effective marketing to maximize attendance.

Our client was headed to Austin to host a Mobile Growth Meetup. Since we have a great community of over 500 Austin app developers and mobile innovators, we offered to help with event programming and promotion.


To support the meetup marketing efforts, we did a dedicated email and social media campaign to invite our targeted developer network. The blasts were a huge success with a 51% open rate and 23% click through rate, which resulted in 39% of event sign-ups.

We also engaged our Austin community influencers that resulted in securing the best startup event venue space - Capital Factory - and confirmation of an industry leading panelist.


  • The targeted email campaign resulted in 51% open rate and 23% click through rate.
  • Of the total amount of registrants, our promotion accounted for 39% of the total signups.
  • Conversion to onsite attendees was high, about 20% of attendees were our community members.
  • We activated our Austin network to confirm an expert speaker and secure the best event venue.