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App strategy workshops

A thriving app economy depends on skilled developers and app entrepreneurs. And that’s what the App Strategy Workshops are all about - educating and supporting the next generation of mobile innovators.

From 2014-2016 our App Strategy Workshops have welcomed thousands of attendees to nearly 40 events around the world. We've hosted over 500 expert speakers to discuss the solutions, tools, and tactics that deliver results.



37 Workshops

120,000+ Page Views

21 Cities

45%+ Email Open Rates

10,000+ Regsistrants

25,000+ Video Views

500+ Speakers

3,000+ Tweets


There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to app marketing or business building. Every app - every business - is unique.

With limited access to mentors, we saw a gap between app innovators and practical, actionable expert advice. To fill the gap, we developed the App Strategy Workshops to provide a forum for information sharing and networking on a global scale.


We are aware that people are busy. Very busy. So we designed a half-day Workshop format to maximizes programming and networking through an afternoon of panel discussions, presentations, fireside chats, and keynote presentations, and an open-bar networking reception. 

Workshop Topics Include: 


User Acquisition

User Engagement


Solutions & Tools


Oh...and we video record all the sessions for our global developer network.


  • 37 App Strategy Workshops hosted in 21 cities from 2014-2016. 
  • Over 10,000 experts, app developers, publishers, and entrepreneurs have registered for our Workshops with over 6,000 attending.
  • Our programs have featured over 500 industry leading speakers.
  • We have achieved over 120,000 views on the App Strategy Workshop landing pages and over 6,000 tweets from the events.
  • On average our email open rates are over 45%, in some cases as high as 79%, with 20%+ CTR.
  • We've produced over 170 videos, which have resulted in 25,000 and counting views.


By leveraging our engaged global network of tens of thousands of developers and app entrepreneurs, we achieve incredible results from social media and email marketing campaigns pre and post workshops.

Pre-event workshop marketing consistently results in sold out events. We've tested, retested, and tested again messaging, graphics, platforms, and formats to achieve email open rates as high as 79% with 24%+ CTR and 12% sign-up rate. Post event marketing campaigns are very successful as well, averaging over 55% open rates with thousands of video views.



"This was a great conference. I incorporated what I learned into my app and my revenue jumped 1000% and my daily downloads have increased 100 fold."

 - Steve, Los Angeles Workshop Attendee


"We loved participating in the App Strategy Workshops. The programming was top notch, the attendees were our core audience, and it was an overall great investment."

- Kate Brady, Branch



Two-thirds of attendees work for small, early stage companies bringing innovative products to market.

Two-thirds of attendees work for small, early stage companies bringing innovative products to market.

Nearly 80% of attendees are decision makers.

Nearly 80% of attendees are decision makers.