Behind the APp

All companies - large and small - need to understand the app ecosystem holistically to make informed decisions and grow their business. But in such a diverse industry, how are publishers comparing success and failure, and evaluating employment strategy and operations performance? Benchmarking remains a challenge.

The Behind the App report examines global app publishers to identify patterns in app management and performance, and examine business operations related to revenue, expenses, and staffing developers. The report explores common challenges and provides a benchmark for app publishers to see how their app, and their business, stacks up.



338 Respondents

45 Page Report

Publisher Insights

"None of [my failed app's] competition was doing well either, so that was a way to tell there's not a market for it."

- App Publisher Interviewee


The app industry's fast-paced growth has resulted in a very diverse industry. While few app publishers are well established, the majority app publishers are startups. Furthermore, several large companies only develop one app and have over 50,000,000 downloads; other companies, have five or fewer employees and develop multiple apps that, collectively, reach the same size market.

The app ecosystem's diversity makes it difficult for companies to benchmark themselves against one another and little research has been published that provides meaningful information on performance and operations for the industry. 


The Behind the App report examines hundreds of diverse, global app publishers, providing critical insights on app performance, user management, and business operations. The report explores four main categories:

  1. App performance and user management;
  2. Revenue generation;
  3. Advertising; and,
  4. Operations expenses and developer staffing.

The report findings are based on a global digital survey we conducted on 338 developers and app publishers of all types and sizes, as well as in-depth interviews with industry experts and findings in existing literature.




  • Behind the App is a unique benchmark report analyzing how global app publishers make critical decisions and measure performance.
  • We got 338 global app publishers to complete the survey and conducted in-depth interviews with industry experts.
  • The final product is a 45 page report exploring and analyzing the exclusive findings.